Mosquito Injections

MosquitoWe are proud to offer our exceptional mosquito injection services. Our lab has developed a state-of-the-art protocol which has led to incredible advances in mosquito injection technology. Our highly qualified technicians have years of experience injecting mosquito embryos. In the past few years, we have had survival rates as high as 40% as well as extremely high transformation efficiency.

We are willing to inject into any strain that you request. However, we have seen the best results in the Orlando strain of Aedes aegypti.

We request that customers send 30-50 micrograms of Qiagen purified DNA for each construct in water, TE or elution buffer (EB). We will then quantify and purify the plasmid using our in house method. We will not inject the construct if we consider it under our standards of quality (Fast bands, genomic degradation, etc.). Additionally, the mosquitos are reared under optimal conditions and are blood fed safely. For the time being, we are exclusively offering “injection only” services for mosquito injections. We will ship the injected embryos within a few weeks of the order depending on the strain used.

Terms of Purchase:

  1. Payment terms of 30 days net of invoice
  2. Price excludes Shipping and Handling
  3. Minimum injection of 500 embryos.
  4. Customer should forward the DNA sample to the following:

Genetic Services, Inc.

16 Craig Rd.
Sudbury, MA
Attn: S. Zusman

We accept VISA & MASTERCARD and Purchase Order numbers

If you have any further questions or would like to inquire about our current pricing and promotions, please contact us.