Drosophila Virgin Collection

Drosophila Virgin

Virgin Collection Service
Tired of collecting virgin flies to cross to the G0 flies arising from your injected larvae or transformant vials? We will collect and ship you 100 virgin flies ten days after we inject your larvae or ship you transgenic lines. We can send virgin flies for the following stocks:

  • w[1118]
  • y,w
  • y,v
  • y,sc,v
  • amos/cyo
  • Dr e/TM3

Terms of Purchase: 

  1. Payment terms of 30 days net of invoice
  2. Price excludes Shipping and Handling
  3. Customer should forward the DNA sample to the following:

Genetic Services, Inc.

16 Craig Rd.
Sudbury, MA 01776
Attn: S. Zusman

We accept VISA & MASTERCARD and Purchase Order numbers.

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