Molecular Biological

Molecular Bio

Genetic Services, Inc. additionally offers a variety of molecular biological services. Our highly qualified staff will do everything possible to quickly and efficiently facilitate your research whether that means preparing your DNA or verifying the location of your insertions using PCR.

The following services are currently offered:

DNA Preparation and Purification
We maintain extremely high standards of quality control for our DNA preparation and purification and will only inject the most optimal DNA as we have found that genomic degradation or additional bands will severely reduce the transgenic efficiency.

Upon receipt from the customer of either bacterial plates/stabs or 30-50 micrograms of Qiagen-purified DNA for each construct, Genetic Services, Inc. will perform the following:

  1. Prep the DNA from the plates/stabs or purify the already prepped DNA prior to injections using our in house technique
  2. Check the DNA on an agarose gel to ensure that there is no genomic degradation or additional bands
  3. Dilute or precipitate the DNA to the concentration that we have found to be optimal for injection

We have additionally developed an innovative method of DNA preparation which has been shown to greatly increase transformation efficiency for Fosmid and BAC injections. Please click here for more information about these injections.

Primer Design, Construct Production, and Sequencing
We are now offering construct production. If you would like us to add a marker to your plasmid, create a point mutation, or produce and sequence your construct, please contact us below for more information on these services.

PCR Verification of Transgenic Inserts
We are additionally now offering PCR verification of your transgenic inserts for an additional cost. Please contact us below if you are interested in using this technology.

Additional Services

If you are interested in additional molecular biological services that are not mentioned above, please contact us and we will let you know if it is a project that are highly qualified staff will undertake.

Contact us for more information on these services as well as pricing and current promotions.

Terms of Purchase:

  1. Payment terms of 30 days net of invoice.
  2. Price excludes Shipping and Handling
  3. Customer should forward the DNA sample to the following:

Genetic Services, Inc.

16 Craig Rd.
Sudbury, MA 01776
Attn: S. Zusman

We accept VISA & MASTERCARD and Purchase Order numbers.