Drosophila Food Production


Photography By Allyson Galle

As a large Drosophila laboratory, Genetic Services, Inc. has skilled technicians that produce large quantities of Drosophila food weekly.

We make a cornmeal based Drosophila food. We have found that this cornmeal based food is most ideal for culturing Drosophila and has shown to both increase fecundity and reduces dryness more than molasses based or other types of Drosophila food.

We have perfected the formula that we use to create the most optimal environment for Drosophila and have a high level of quality control on any batch that we sell. We even alter the amount of water that we add to the formula depending on the season to reduce dryness.

We offer this food for purchase by tray in both vials and bottles

  • Wide vials (1 1/8” diameter): Each tray contains 100 vials.
  • Narrow vials (7/8” diameter): Each tray contains 100 vials.
  • Bottles (170 ml): Each tray contains 25 bottles.

We will ship the trays to you the same day that they are prepared to maintain the freshness of the food.

Please Contact Us for pricing and current promotions.

Terms of Purchase

  1. Payment terms of 30 days net of invoice
  2. Price excludes Shipping and Handling

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