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What carrier do you use to ship?

We generally use Federal Express overnight or international priority to ship your larvae or transgenic flies. However, for international shipments, we occasionally use UPS or regular mail if we have difficulty delivering to certain locations via FedEx.

What do you do for dead on arrival shipments?

If your larvae or flies do not survive the shipment, we will reship you either more larvae or the backup transgenic lines right away.

Are some insertion sites better for site-directed injections?

Yes, we have seen significantly higher success for certain landing sites, especially for BAC and Fosmid injections. Please ask us about which landing sites we have seen demonstrate the highest transformation efficiency and good expression levels.

Can a customer use their own flies for injection?

Yes, customers can use their own flies for injection. However, there is an additional fee to do so. Please contact us for more information

How much DNA should I send?

Please send 30-50 ug of Qiagen purified DNA in TE, EB, or water for each construct. You may view our order form here to place an order.

What is the best way to send DNA?

Please send your DNA using any preferred courier. It is not necessary to send your DNA on dry ice.

How long do you keep backup transgenic lines?

We will keep your backup lines for four weeks. Please let us know right away if the flies or larvae do not survive the shipment.

How do I screen for transgenic flies?

Upon receiving the injected larvae, please keep them in a 25 degree incubator with high humidity (70-80%). Cross the emerging G0 flies individually to the appropriate males and virgins and screen the flies that emerge from that cross ten days later.